Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines Day

All day yesterday people were greeting me with Happy Valentines Day as casually as Merry Christmas or Happy New Year,it felt very odd but of course you just had to smile and return the greeting.Allover the city women carried large bunches or boxes of roses,you just couldn't escape it.

Friends organised an Anti-Valentines get together,to celebrate our freedom and reclaim restaurants and bars for the day as previously these were the places you would avoid in the past as they seemed to only cater for couples.

Lisa and I started with a bottle of Prosecco and cheese platter at Lo Studio and were shortly joined by the others and Greg was the charmer of the night handing over roses to the ladies.It was fun watching the couples in the bar who had made such a big effort for the night and it felt great not to have that pressure on us.

A short ride later we were at Shin Ju in Chinatown for Teppanyaki and decided to splurge on the deluxe set menu which included Crispy Fresh Salad, Miso Soup, Sashimi Tempura, Large King Prawns, Fresh Fillet of Fish, Chicken Terriyaki,Fried Rice.And of course we had to order the obligatory sake,Asahi beer and plum wine while others opted for white wine.
We prepared for our adventure with our napkins tucked into our tops as our armour,we then assumed we weren't going to have food thrown at us as our rowdiness showed just how much we'd drunk.Then we got ready for showtime and unfortunately nobody had good enough mouth skills to catch the flying chicken in our mouths.

The chef showed us his skills with the kitchen utensils and unfortunately someone ended up with egg in their top and hair.Most of us caught the rice in our bowls,as most people could catch it,as the chef went along,you could feel the pressure to perform well as you knew eventually somebody had to have bad luck, and of course the person who chose not to leave their napkin on,ended up with rice allover their top

We had more treats as the night went on,i bought a small heart chocolate for everyone and we finished off our meal with more sake and beautiful cupcakes courtesy of Lisa.

I can't remember the last time i did something for Valentines Day,and i highly recommend single people organise occasions like these and i can't wait until next year.

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Sydney Food Princess said...

Those pictures are fantastic!

Ditto on the next year count. I had a great time too!