Sunday, March 2, 2008

This inspiration board

There have been some changes to my board since i last posted about it in October last year.There have been some new fashion additions to the board as we get ready to face autumn here in Australia.You can't see the colour very well in the pic but I love the dark blue of the trenchcoat on the model.
And how could you not love the image on the left from last year's Toast catalogue,makes you yearn for lazy Sundays still in your pajamas and drinking lots of tea or coffee to stay warm.


kitty's kaboodle said...

Thats such a simple and beautiful board, Ilove the colours.

CurlyPops said...

I love the pretty teal bird print that you have in the background. Great idea to add depth behind the items.

Kyla said...

I also love the teal bird print. And those wool socks look sooo warm. I must find myself a pair for the cold winters up here.
Have a grea day and beautiful board. Kyla

Anonymous said...

This is delightful.

the colours and images perfect.

thankyou for sharing.