Sunday, November 25, 2007

A productive weekend

As i gathered my shopping list on Saturday morning i realised I had not done a proper grocery shop in 2 weeks.I had become too lazy and was eating out most of the time to bother with cooking.Before going out i did get the voting for the Federal election out of the way,I'm the type of person who just walks in and looks straight ahead and doesn't pick up any pamphlets.Saturday night i made lamb with eggplant and tzatzkiki,always a good combination.Pretty much lied in front of the tv reading with the election coverage on in the background,I really don't get what was so great and less boring about the Channel 7 coverage that they were going on about.My vote goes to Ray and Kerry O'brien,superb job.

Selecting a colour scheme and patterns

I felt like i was 6 again cutting out shapes,it's quite therapeutic

I did manage to start with my Christmas decorating,not the actual decorating but making some paper ornaments,I hate the overload of the cliche green and red look this time of year so my colour theme is blue and green with a hint of silver.I was ready to keep going but didn't buy enough of a certain paper so will have to continue during the week,at least it gives me something to after work besides colapse in front of the tv.

I finally got around to changing quilt covers and changing from a winter duck down quilt to my light cotton one for summer,this is one job i really hate,inserting the doona inside the quilt cover and because i made a mistake and the quilt cover is showing on the wrong side i will have to redo it,really not looking forward to it.Also have to buy some pillow inserts for some new blue morrocan style print cushions I'm using.

Blueberry and almond tarts

Later this afternoon i made some blueberry and almond tarts that were featured in this week's Good Living section of the paper.I used the Careme Pastry i had seen on Julia's blog.Because it was a hot afternoon the pastry was not behaving so i rolled the pastry into a few balls and left them in the freezer for a bit and then push the pastry on to the tart cases like Lisa had shown me once.
Just watched The Royal Tenanbaums on dvd,not a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but i loved her in this as Margo,the outfits and the whole look with the dead straight hair and kohl eyes.
It's sticky humid at the moment,about to go have a shower and pop into bed and read before going to sleep early.
Have to be up early tomorrow to start my new challenge for the week,more about that tomorrow.
The $8 pastry

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