Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've had to put myself on an Etsy ban for this month,went on a bit of a spree last month and the budget will be very tight for the next fortnight with hens night,wedding costs(and I'm not even the one getting married) the amount you can spend all adds up,new accessories,hairdresser appointments,travel costs,wedding gift and so on.The necklace above was my last purchase and I will probably wear it to the wedding next week,I can't wait,i officially got all excited the other day when i tried on my dress and new shoes.
Off to my friend's hens night tonight,it will be massive and I'm sure all i can handle tomorrow is recovering and relaxing with a dvd or getting into the big stack of magazines I have.
It's good to see the sun out this morning,it has been overcast,cold and raining all week,good to see spring back.

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