Thursday, November 22, 2007

In bloom

Our garden is full of hydrangea at the moment so i took the opportunity to add some to my new turquoise vase on my bedside table.Hopefully the flowers will now help me get some decent sleep which i have been lacking this past week.I've woken up still half asleep and in a very bad mood until i get to work and consume some coffee.
I am in desperate need of a holiday but cannot get any annual leave until February next year,maybe I could plan a late summer getaway once school holidays are over.
I've decided to try and make some handmade ornaments for Christmas,hopefully it all works out,if no pictures emerge,it means i have failed.But I am looking forward to decorating my room and desk at work for Christmas,hoping to start planning next week in anticipation of December 1st.I was also thinking of setting up a challenge for myself,with all the holiday baking ideas i thought of a 12 days of Christmas baking but I don't want to induce a heart attack on anyone before Christmas,will definitely make a few sweet treats.
Can't wait for tomorrow afternoon to arrive to start enjoying the weekend.I am having a very quiet weekend,voting in the Federal election on Saturday morning,watching dvds,attempting my holiday crafts and maybe a trip to Zumbo after grocery shopping in Rozelle.

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