Sunday, April 22, 2007

A very long weekend

I'm having 5 days off in a row,taking Monday and Tuesday off and Wednesday is Anzac Day.Yesterday made the trek out to Rosebery to the Signature Prints warehouse sale.I thought i'd get lost on the bus but managed to find it.Bought 2 large pieces of wallpaper,I'm hoping to frame one to put above my bed.On the way back paid a visit to Kinokuniya in the city,they didn't have the modern furniture book i saw last time so just browsed some more and sat down for some panini and coffee.Last night stayed in and watched The Devil Wears Prada on dvd,today i have a lot of cleaning to do,my washing and i've chosen the wrong day as it will probably rain,will keep in slow and simple today,read the papers,and probably cook something since i can never be bothered during the week.
Over the next few days I'm hoping to visit the Art Gallery of NSW for the Archibald Prize,over to the Powerhouse Museum for the Design and Craft exhibition,watch Paris Je T' aime,maybe a little shopping for a wedding gift,go exploring and take some more photos and might start on some craft.

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