Monday, April 23, 2007

Friday Fondue Fun

Fondue mess

Lisa was happy to break her detox so we could attend Haighs Special Chocolate month at the Grace Hotel and we chose the fondue to share.We had heard that the service was slow and we had to be out in an hour so we told them when ordering and had no problems.Our fondue arrived with a plate of rock melon,strawberry,marshmallows and chunks of banana bread.We made a mess as we dipped in out forks,i lost my food a couple of times and had to stab around the fondue trying to find it.We got a little desperate at the end and with the drinking straws from our glasses of water we went in and sucked up the remaining chocolate,feeling very embarassed and desperate,especially when we saw a tourist bus outside drive off and knew we'd been busted.
Later we went to Govinda's in Darlinghurst and met up with Greg and his new girlfriend Michelle for dinner,we hadn't finished eating when the movie was about to start so we decided to give it a miss and go out for a drink instead.We had to walk aboit to find a bar that wasn't too loud and the only place around was The Victoria Room,we were dressed a little too casually for the venue but so were many others.We thought Greg was snobbing us off when he suddenly asn't feeling well and just went back to reading the drinks menu but were feeling very slack later that night when we heard he had been rushed to hospital with a reaction to capsicum in the food that he's allergic to.

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