Monday, April 23, 2007

Archibald Prize

Paid a visit to the Art gallery of NSW today to view The Archibald portrait exhibition and was surprised by my favourite,it's of actress Toni Collette,it's so different to the others and i liked the fact that i didn't know who it was until i read the poster and once you read who it is it's so clear that it's her.Took some photos inside an out of the gallery,was a little difficult but managed to get some ok shots taking them with one hand while i held my umbrella in the other.Made a quick trip to Woollahra to browse Orson and Blake they always have the most beautiful items i covet and they also now have Jonathon Adler ceramics,must be new to Australia and some beautiful delicate ceramics that reminded me of these.I may have to go back and buy some next time.I didn't end up getting any wedding gifts as it's hard buying someone a certain style you're unsure they'll like.I think i know what i'll get them though.Discovered a new favourite store
The Bay Tree.A very tiny store that's always featured in magazines with so many great brands like Thomas of Germany,Marimekko,Limoges,William Yeoward and so much more.

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