Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aargh,i'm sick again,luckily not the flu but it isn't pleasant.

It's been hard getting up in the morning this week,I don't want to get out of my uggs,If only i could wear them to work.

Looking forward to Spring,just under 2 weeks to go.

I've set a date and there are now just over 2 months before I head to Melbourne,so exciting and so much to organise,one of the most important of course is finding a job,then apartment.

I completed my taxes and now just have to update my resume,one thing at a tine,can't expect me to be too productive in one weekend.

I've been very lazy and haven't taken any photos for quite a long time,time to start again.

I was in the neighbourhood and headed to Bourke Street Bakery on Saturday,and I was lucky to score the last raspberry chocolate tart(the ones on the far right of the pic above) I sure will miss having these.

Image via Fruitcakey on Flickr

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