Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Short and sweet

It felt so good to be able to sleep in on Monday morning(see above),wish i could take every Monday off

I went to the Mud Australia sale on Sunday and was disappointed,maybe all the good stuff was taken on Saturday,all that was left were things chipped or very faulty,i'd rather pay the full price and know i've bought a quality product

I know I made a commitment to post everyday in June but 27 out of 30 days is pretty good.

Don't think I can keep it up though,it is a lot of hard work and sometimes feels like a chore with that pressue knowing you have to post something

Thank god for the sun shining this week in Sydney,making winter bearable

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Kimberlee said...

Hey Miss K - I'm a K as well! - i've just super stalked your blog and left heaps of comments - sorry! - but please keep it up - I love your blog and it is so refreshing to see a cool one from Australia - you might love my friend Emma's blog which is beautiful homey stuff:

So plaese keep posting, i'll be back for an update soon!