Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage David Jones

All millinery purchases were packaged in hat boxes

Sewing machines and tableswere made in Germany exclusively for the store.Unfortunately the haberdashery department no longer exists

Old packaging

Vintage spols and sewing kits

Lately the window displays at David Jones in Sydney have lost their wow factor but I really loved the recent window display to celebrate Mothers Day and the store's 170th anniversary of trading.
Vintage photos showed the main restaurant where people gathered for afternoon tea,such a shame such a restaurant in the store no longer exists.
Many of the unique touches that made shopping special have gone and like most retailers it's now about cost cutting and competing with other major retailers


bowb said...

hey yeah! i love that old packaging. those hat boxes are gorgeous. when i saw them in the window, i kinda thought (hoped) that they were doing a limited edition nostalgia run. alas...

i liked the "mommy dearest" mannequin they dug up for one of the tableux of the little children and their mother in the drawing room. ;)

alexandra said...

Wow I missed this - it looks fantastic. Those hat boxes are a treat.

I agree, the money they're skimping on is for the CEO - he's got a huuuuuge paypacket!