Thursday, April 3, 2008

Renovation hell

We're currently going through renovation hell at home,but I'm looking foward to a new modern kitchen,Each day there is another part of the cupboards gone,on one side of our kitchen,the oven and cooktop only remain,there is no bench space apart from a small spot next to the sink or the dinner table nearby which itself is mostly covered with tools.
The spare room where our computer sits is cluttered with crockery,drawers and appliances,i sit in an awkward position to use the computer,i skip breakfast in the morning because it's all just too much,I spend most of the evening after work out with friends or in my room,there is no space to sit down and do something,just want to wake up and have a new kitchen.

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CurlyPops said...

I definitely hear you there. My kitchen reno took 23 looooooong days, so that was 23 days of washing up in the laundry trough, and eating takeaway or at other peoples houses, and just generally having crap everywhere!