Sunday, April 27, 2008


After some unexpected train delays last week I decided to just walk into the city,was glad i did as I'm never in this part of town,made a few discoveries on the way and of course had to take a photo of such autumn loveliness during my walk.

Took an unintentional blogging break these past few weeks.I haven't had the chance to do much,everything is allover the place,there's no workspace and right now I have to squeeze my office chair into a little nook in our spare room just to use the computer.On Thursday they began installing the cupboards,the kitchen is starting to take shape,they will be back this week to finish but we have to wait a little longer to have the granite cut and put in place.I cannot wait to be able to start cooking again,am craving a good home cooked meal.
Lunch today for Greek Easter was a very casual barbecue and now I'm sipping lots of hot tea trying to get rid of this cold before it's time to go back to work.

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