Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Silly Season

Or it should be called the ridiculous season.It takes forever to get anywhere or get anything done at lunchtime,it doesn't help that i work just above the main shopping mall.And you can't find a decent spot in a city bar,every day there are numerous Christmas parties being held and they are taking up all available spots.

I replaced the decorations in my room with a Christmas tree garland,I like this one much better and bought some Merry Christmas tags on Etsy.On the weekend i made some Coconut cookies in the shape of trees and stars.The recipe if from the Australian Womens Weekly Cookies book and the icing on top is made up of eggwhites,sugar and dessicated coconut.Someone at work asked for the recipe but i guaranteed them they wouldn't want to try them,it was very time consuming.

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