Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas wishlist

A list of a few things i would really love to get this Christmas.
*I want to get a desk for my room and the Louis Ghost Chair by Phillipe Stark would go so well.
*A Dibbern teapot in burgundy to match the sugar bowl and creamer I found on sale recently.
*A Marimekko toiletries bag i missed out on getting from Funkis a few months ago,the item has now shown up on Reprodepot but shipping costs more than the actual product!
*The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook-i was impressed by the food there and am eager to try some more difficult recipes next year.
*Cheese Slices by Will Studd,i love cheese and loved watching the series on The Lifestyle Channel and now all has been published in this great book.
*And i forgot to add,a sewing machine so i can start sewing,one of my new years resolutions is to learn properly.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Great list! I love the marimekko things at Funkis! I hope santa will bring you some of them : )