Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kate Spade

I've always admired the preppy style of Kate Spade and I love her range of accessories and even stationery,and how great do those books look,I need them,love pouring over those type of guides.Some stationery is even sold online now in Australia from Papier D'Amour out of Sydney.
I have beenlooking for some new coasters,how cool are these drinking ones?


Things to smile about said...

I love those coasters! They're hilarious and brilliant.

Are the books actually guides? Or are they blank?

I like your blog a lot, it's got some great pictures and finds in it, keep it up!

MissK said...

Thanks,the books are guides,kate's tips on all things fabulous

Things to smile about said...

Excellent, i might look into them :)

angela said...

The coasters are pretty cool, I hope you can get your hands onto some. I envy your closeness to Papier D'Amour, I've heard alot of good things about the shop.

Have a great day!!

MissK said...

Oops,just realised I hadnt updated my profile,been living in Melbourne now for just over a year,oh well we can all shop online.

The Foray said...

The typography on these coasters reminds me of the Smythson stationery here in the UK :)