Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Is...My Turn!

Wow,I finally have the opportunity to host the This Is meme this week,very exciting.
So..the topic is

This Is...My current reading material

Show us what you're currently reading and even what's next on the list.
Are you the type of person who can read multiple books at a time?
It can be anything,even if you just read magazines,or only make it to the take away menu on your fridge,show us what you're reading.

More Information on This Is at Three Buttons

Image from Superclever on flickr


three buttons said...

Nice one : )

Angela x

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's a fun one! It's funny, just a couple of days ago I tidied up my large pile of books and magazines by the side of my bed in an effort to stick to just one book at a time.

Stacey said...

Good choice! I look forward to this one.

Anja said...

Great choice... I wonder what will be my theme, now that this one is taken - no worries, I'm sure I think of something in case I'll be asked to pick a theme.

So, I'm really looking forward to this Sunday.
I'll be back...

jessie said...

great theme.....have to collect all my books from all over the house/car/backyard